Terminus Wake Park is CURRENTLY HIRING! Please fill out our application by CLICKING HERE, and send your resume and a cover letter to jobs@terminuswakepark.com!

Terminus Wake Park CURRENTLY offers undergrad, graduate, and post-graduate internships!

The Terminus Wake Park Intern is responsible for assisting in the fulfillment of Terminus Wake Park’s organizational goals, customer service, the planning & execution of events, daily park operations, facility maintenance, administrative and sales support, and other projects as assigned by the manager(s) of the park. Candidate is expected to complete his or her internship for the length of the term required by the university or educational institution. Post-graduate candidates must complete a minimum of 120 internship hours. The position is unpaid and can be taken for the intention of earning school credit, gain work and industry experience, and a MEMBERSHIP to Terminus Wake Park. Each intern will be considered for possible part-time or full-time employment at the end of each term.

To apply, please e-mail a cover letter and a resume to jobs@terminuswakepark.com.