ALL FIRST TIMERS PLEASE READ: A Guide for Beginner Wakeboard Instruction

Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit and no skill level required. We have taught riders as young as 4 years old all the way up to 67 years old! The rider just needs to be comfortable in the water.


Do you have to have any prior watersports or wakeboarding experience?

No prior experience necessary, but you must be “water safe”–meaning you have to be comfortable with getting in deep water while wearing a Coast Guard Approved life jacket either issued by our park or one that you own!


How much does it cost to ride? How much are rentals?

All pricing information can be found by clicking HERE. We do not allow upgrades on passes, which is why we suggest you purchase a longer session if the weather is awesome or if you think you might want to stay a bit longer–which is most likely ; )


What should I expect when I arrive?

When customers come to ride at the park, they will need to check in at the front office and fill out a digital waiver. Once their waiver is completed and submitted electronically, our front office staff will be able to register you to ride. Customers can purchase a park pass, plus rental gear if necessary. Once you are registered you will be issued a wrist band which you will use to scan in at the cable lakes, which helps keep track of your time. If you purchase any rentals (helmet, vest, and/or board), you will be directed to our rental station to pick up and drop off your equipment!


What is the difference between all three cable lakes?

The System 2.0 Training Cable is designed for those whom have never ridden a wakeboard before. This is our GET WET PASS. This lake is for RESERVATION ONLY and includes an operator who will also be your private instructor. Customers can reserve the lake in 20-minute intervals. Here, riders will learn the fundamentals of wakeboarding such as getting up, edging, and turning. This lake only includes one carrier (one rope and handle) and riders must take separate turns (one at a time). The System 2.0 is where you will learn the basics of how to wakeboard in a classroom setting. This is where the fun begins!

The Beginner Full Size Cable (BFS) is our beginner/novice full-size cable system. Riders can transition from the System 2.0 to the Beginner Full Size Cable once they’ve built their comfort and confidence on the board, which can be determined by the rider and/or the operator. This lake includes wake park features that are more beginner friendly, yet are still fun for an experienced rider. The BFS is where you will learn how to ride on sliders, rails, and ride off of kickers! This lake has 4 separate carriers (four ropes and handles), so up to 4 riders can ride at once, while the cable spins non-stop at a continuous, slow speed for beginners. The operator for the BFS will usually have a dockhand (assistant) to help new riders learn to slide or jump off of the dock.

The Advanced Full Size Cable (AFS) is our advanced level full-size cable system. High ability riders and professional wakeboarders can be seen performing big tricks and putting on an expert demonstration at this lake. The AFS includes pro features and technical rails, similar to what you would see at a snowboarding park! We hope to see all of our customers experience all three cable lakes!


How deep are the lakes?

The System 2.0 lake is 8-9 ft. The Beginner Full Size and the Advanced Full Size are both 10-12 ft deep.


How fast do the cables pull?

The System 2.0’s is controlled from a remote control; therefore, the speed varies since the cable is driven by the operator. The purpose of this is to allow first-timers to learn through a step-by-step process that involves adequate coaching and participant application.

The Beginner Full Size and Advanced Full Size are calibrated at consistent speeds the entire time the cable is running. The Beginner Full Size generally is running at 16-17 mph. The Advanced Full Size runs the fastest of all three lakes at 19-20 mph.


Do I have to make a reservation?

The GET WET PASS on the System 2.0 is the only cable lake that requires you to book a reservation. Due to popular demand, we have launched a new reservation system for beginner lessons. This reservation system is easily accessible both at the park or online. Furthermore, we do allow customers to reserve the full size cable lakes for private, group events! Customers may come and ride as they please during our regular hours of operation.


What happens when I fall while riding?

On the System 2.0, if a rider falls, the operator will bring the rope back to them using a remote control. When the operator brings the rope and handle back, the rider will then get into their position to be picked back up in order to resume riding. This is done at a slow speed, specific to the rider’s skill level. When the rider is done riding, they can either swim to the shore or slowly be pulled back to the start dock by hanging on.

When a rider falls on the full size cable lakes, he or she must swim to the shore and walk back to the start dock. The entire facility is hydro-turfed; riders will not have a rough walk back to the start dock.


What will I need to bring?

Riders should fill out their online waiver before they arrive. All riders can bring their own helmet, Coast Guard Approved life jacket, and wakeboard (fins must be removed). If a rider does not have their own gear, we can accommodate them with our rentals! All rental gear is “a la cart” and rented out under a first-come, first-serve basis. Riders are required to wear a helmet and a Coast Guard Approved vest. Also, please bring your own swimsuit, towel, and a good attitude ; )


How do I know when my pass expires?

At the full size cable lakes, once you scan your wrist band or take your first ride, our cable operators will be able to document your time. From then, we will be able to let each rider know when their time expires! At the System 2.0, there is no scanning system; therefore, the operator will start your session using a stopwatch or clock in order to keep track of your time!


Can I upgrade my pass?

You can upgrade the pass you bought in the same day for 50% off. For instance, if you bought a $35 2 hour pass and after the 2 hours you want to ride for 2 more hours you can buy an additional 2 hour pass for 50% off ($17.50).


What if the lines are long?

At the full size cable lakes, a rider’s time does not start until they scan their bracelet at the start docks. Terminus Wake Park does not allow refunds if a customer is waiting in line for too long or if he or she does not get to ride much due to long lines. During the summer months, the park is very busy and the lines do tend to get long–as they do for most public water parks. We suggest arriving to the park in the mornings when we open or in the evenings during the week. Peak times for when the park is busy includes weekday afternoons during the summer and weekends. If the lines are longer, we suggest you purchase a longer pass to compensate for the longer wait time. If you are a beginner; however, you have the luxury of reserving the System 2.0 for your 20-minute beginner lesson!


Does it cost anything to spectate or watch?

NO SPECTATOR FEES! All friends and family are encouraged to come visit anytime! You’re welcome to just come hang out even if you don’t plan on riding. We love company!


Am I allowed to bring food and drinks? Is alcohol allowed?

Food and drinks are allowed, but you have to bring enough for our entire staff… Haha just kidding! Customers are allowed to bring food and drinks, but we have a strict no cooler policy here at our park, as well as no alcohol and tobacco. Terminus Wake Park is also a drug-free work and play environment. Violators will be asked to leave. Please be sure to clean up after yourself–we are not your mom ; )


Am I ONLY allowed to ride a wakeboard?

No. If you can control it, you can ride it. At Terminus Wake Park, riders can ride waterskis, wakeskates, kneeboards, ski shoes, etc. A rider must be able to control the equipment he is using. An example of an uncontrollable water activity is tubing.


What if there is bad weather?

Rain will not stop the operations of the park. However, to maintain everyone’s safety, we will temporarily discontinue operations if lightning is within 10 miles of the park. After the lightning passes outside of the 10 mile radius for 30 minutes, we will resume operations. In the event that the park must shut down due to weather conditions, your pass is immediately frozen, and your time will not resume until we reopen that day. If we have to close for the remainder of the day, you will be issued a rain check. If you choose to leave; however, during a temporary shut down, your pass will expire. Beginners whom have made a reservation will be notified and asked to reschedule or post-pone.


Are you open all year?

Typically, we will be open 9 months out of the year (mid-March until mid-November), but if we have warmer-than-usual winter days (65 degrees and up), we will open up and let people come ride! The park is rider owned and rider operated; therefore, we will always open when the weather permits!


Am I allowed to bring pets?



Are other personal water crafts available or allowed in the lakes (i.e. boats, WaveRunners, etc.)?

Personal water crafts are not allowed in the cable lakes. We do have a WaveRunner that we use for operations and emergencies, but it is not for recreation or rental.