Pro Lessons


So you’ve covered the basics and now you’re aiming to learn higher level tricks, or maybe even clean up your riding with some style? Terminus Wake Park now offers PRO LESSONS from local riders, Justin Lee, Robbie Brown, and Marilyn Pruitt! Coaching is available to riders of all skills levels.

Robbie Brown

20 year old wakeboarder and long time Terminus Wake Park employee Robbie Brown has been a leader in the growth of wakeboarding in the southeast since he signed on to become an instructor at one of the best, most progressive cable parks in the world! Aside from competing in all the local events Robbie has ridden in the Monster Energy Wake Park Triple Crown as well as qualified to compete in the Wake Park Nationals for the past several years. Working with Robbie is perfect for someone who is looking to get involved in the sport, or even take their riding to the next level. Robbie is one of the best friends and mentors around! He currently rides for Monster Energy, Liquid Force, and Terminus Wake Park!



Justin Lee
At just 21 years of age, Justin Lee, has made a name for himself in the wakeboard world! Riding for nearly a decade now, Justin is no stranger in the Pro Wakeboard Tour and other major events, having competed in the Junior Pro Men division. In 2012, Lee was won the National Wakeboard Championship and received 2nd place at the World Championship in the Junior Men division. With a strong desire to diversify his riding, Justin has taken his skills from behind the boat to the cable park, spending almost every day at Terminus Wake Park since it opened in 2013. Justin has also had the privilege of riding in several other premiere cable contests including the Monster Energy Wake Park Triple Crown and F.I.S.E. Justin is currently sponsored by Humanoid Wakeboards, Ambush Board Company, and Terminus Wake Park!

E-MAIL JUSTIN! OR CALL HIM AT (678) 787-6679