Terminus Wake Park closes on land at LakePoint

Wake Park Atlanta, LLC closed Thursday on almost 20 acres of land located at LakePoint Sporting Community & Town Center. The innovative multi-lake design at Terminus Wake Park will accommodate wake boarders of all skill levels.

“The park’s signature will be an elaborate series of rails and obstacles,” said Austin Singleton, one of the principals with Terminus. “Many of the obstacles at the park will not be available anywhere else in the United States and some of the custom obstacles will be the first of their kind in the world.”

“Terminus is the most anticipated cable wakeboard park in the U.S. to date. We have been fortunate enough to work on the best cable wake parks around the globe and are very excited to now work with the partners of Terminus Wake Park,” said Pat Panakos of The Wake Park Project, installer of the cable system at Terminus. “At every turn they are committed to building one of the best parks in the world for every level of rider. With two full size cables, a System 2.0 and a full set of Unit park features, Terminus Wake Park will be a great place for beginners to learn and a world-class venue for competitions.”

Construction of the Terminus Wake park will begin this fall. The park plans to open in Spring 2013.

“As one of the most ambitious projects in the country, LakePoint will be the premier sports tournament vacation destination,” said LakePoint development partner Judy Sparks. “LakePoint continues to grow as a project and we will be very excited to have one of the best wake parks in the world call LakePoint home. We started with three sports and now have more than 20 unique sports that will be played onsite, which we expect will attract well over 4 million visitors each year.”


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