End of the Line

Head-to-head Competition
October 20th, 10:00 am


Who is going out of 2018 on top? This competition crowns the FINAL champion of the season.

$1000 total cash purse sponsored by Singleton Marine & Robert Loehr Dealership!

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Who is the champion of 2018? Full bragging rights + cash prize for 1st place in each division.

Pro: $500, Advanced: $200, Intermediate: $100, Novice: $100, Beginner: $100.

$35 per entry

Competition Format

Bracket-style tournament: DOUBLE ELIMINATION

  • 8:00 am – Check-In opens
  • 8:30 – 9:30 – Beginner Lake open for competitors to practice
  • 9:30 am – Mandatory rider’s meeting & bracket drawing
  • 10:00 am – First rider off the dock. Advanced Lake opens.

Division Breakdown


Kickers: Spins – Front Side 180s Only, add some style! No inverts.

Flat Tricks: Surface 180s & bunny hops

Rails: Up to a total of a 180 over the rail.

(Competing on the Beginner Lake)


Kickers: Spins – Front Side 360s and backside 180s only. 1 invert allowed.

Flat Tricks: Flats tricks only. No more than one handle pass.

Rails: Up to a 360 over the rail (180 on 180 off, or 90 on 270 off, etc).


Kickers: Spins – Front Side 540s and backside 360s Only. All Basic Inverts allowed in run (No 360 inverts or blind landing inverts)

Air Tricks: Basic Air tricks, no blind landing tricks or mobes. (S-Bends & Vulcans are allowed)

Rails: Up to a 540 over the rail (270/270, 90/450, etc.)


Kickers: Spins – Front Side 720s and backside 540s only. All basic inverts, basic blind tricks and 360 inverts without a handle pass are allowed in run (no handle pass 360 inverts)

Air Tricks: Basic air tricks, blind landing tricks allowed. HS mobes are only full twisting invert allowed in run. (S-to Blinds are allowed) Nothing larger than mobe 5.

Rails: No restrictions.


No restrictions. Get CRAZY!

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